We Go Too Membership

Coming July 2018

There’s nothing like landing in a new destination.

Everything’s different.

The people... the language... even the air smells different.

That feeling is what we all crave. The feeling of newness. It tingles your sense and keeps you alert.

That’s a big part of why we travel. And we keep that feeling with us as we explore, discover, and experience a new foreign land.

What if finding unique and awe-inspiring experiences didn’t take hours of scouring old travel guide sites to only find reviews of things you’re not sure you can trust?

What if you could get insider travel tips and recs from Black millennial travel bloggers and influencers that’ll help you save time, save money, and get more out your international trips?

What if you could connect with like-minded travelers and find a travel buddy looking to get off the beaten path and see more of what the world has to offer just like you?

Well, We Go Too wants to provide you just that.

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