Allow Us to Re-Introduce Ourselves

AKA: Why We Go Too is Re-Launching


Let’s take it back to late 2015. For the last 3 years, Randi and I had been toying with the idea of creating a space for Black millennial travelers. Why? Because as experienced travelers of color ourselves, we knew better than anyone else that our experiences abroad were different. Nuanced. Challenging. Alladat…and no one was addressing our needs and concerns. There was a gap in Black Travel and we decided it was time to fill it and give life to our idea.

After countless name & logo changes, plenty of late night brainstorming sessions, coins spent on a ‘meh’ web developer and a whole lotta excitement & anticipation, we launched the first iteration of We Go Too in April of 2016. Our tagline was “a travel company for us, by us” and the idea was to create a community of black travelers who could share and receive travel tips. Pretty simple idea at the core, right? Kinda. What we found was people loved the concept but weren’t quite sure how it all…worked. Some didn’t even know our website existed and thought We Go Too was just a lit IG page used to get your dope pic reposted. I mean, we ARE here to increase the visibility of black travelers, but we didn’t want to be limited to a social media trend. We wanted to really help Black Millennials, like ourselves, find the info they were looking for from people that looked like them. Cuz let’s face it, Trip Advisor is great, but many of the recommendations aren’t from or for us.

Last year was our come to Jesus moment. We Go Too had been up and running for more than 12 months but we weren’t really connecting with our audience (who we affectionately refer to as our ‘crew’, cuz y’all are fam) the way we envisioned. We needed to take a step back to figure out what was going well, what didn’t work and what was still lacking in the Black Travel Movement space. Not going to lie, this phase was tough. New brands were popping up every day with group trips, flashy websites and dope merch, making it difficult to focus on what really mattered. Towards the end of 2017, we unplugged for a few months and got back to our roots of the “for us, by us” mantra. Once we really took a second to listen, we found that our crew was comprised of Black millennial travelers looking for more than the best crepe in Paris (which is Pain des Idées btw, don’t debate us on this) or a repost of their pic in front of the Eiffel Tower. Our peers were and are looking for unforgettable experiences abroad that would get them off the beaten path.

Fast forward to 2018 and we heard y’all loud and clear! In July of this year, we will be officially re-launching We Go Too! Brand new services that will help expertly curate your trips with more experiences as well as an improved platform to connect you with individuals who can give you the inside scoop for a particular destination. That’s not it. We’re also creating new lanes for all of our micro-travel influencers AND we will be saving y’all coins on your travels. We can’t give away all the details, but trust us, it’s gonna be LIT! So for now, we want to thank you for all of your support and tell y’all to get ready for We Go Too 2.0. Stay tuned!

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