Lish and I have been growing We Go Too for a little over 2 years and the work has been rewarding and challenging. We’ve finally come to a time where we need to bring on more (wo)man power to help us bring more valuable content to you guys and the #blacktravelmovement. So, we brought on an intern! And we want you to meet her!

Guys, meet Michaela!

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Hello, We Go Too Travelers!

Michaela Seferian-Jenkins is a 21-year-old student at New York University studying psychology who is always daydreaming about her next travel destination. She has always been really interested in social psychology and plans on having a career in that field (whether that be marketing, research, or any other career that includes it)! Michaela is originally from Fox Island, Washington where she spent her childhood playing tennis, kayaking, and exploring Seattle on the weekends.

After she graduated from high school, she headed to Paris for my first year of university at NYU. While Michaela was abroad, she improved her skills in French, explored different areas of France, and traveled to different areas of Europe. She now lives in New York and spends most of her time exploring New York City and its five boroughs, spending time with her friends, and painting. She loves living in New York City because of her ability to travel so easily and take advantage of all the exciting events happening in Manhattan. Her goal for each year is two travel to at least 2 new countries each year. Michaela’s goal for 2018 is to explore Mexico and Jamaica.

She has traveled to over 10 countries since starting her international travel journey when she visited Victoria, Canada with her mother when she was 12. Michaela has been trying to explore new areas of the world ever since! Some of her favorite destinations have been Florence in Italy, Caen in France, and Monteverde in Costa Rica. Michaela was originally drawn to We Go Too because she believes in the visibility of young black professionals in mainstream media, especially travel. Navigating different areas and countries can be a different experience for black people, compared to experiences from people of other ethnicities and she would like to help black travelers prepare and encourage to explore outside of the United States. She believes it is important that the black travel story is told in order to motivate and educate other black people to travel around the world. Through her travels, Michaela has been able to uncover a whole different side of life and challenged many of her perceptions of other countries, of course, while having a ton of fun!