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[nectar_dropcap color=”#000000″]O[/nectar_dropcap]ne international trip, two black women, and a shared passion for travel. These three elements cosmically aligned to bring us together. Flashback to January 2011 — we both stuffed our entire closets into cramped suitcases and set off to partake in a year-long adventure in the Dominican Republic teaching English in rural communities.

If you were to ask us at the onset of our trip what our expectations were, we never could’ve predicted that a dynamic friendship and partnership would’ve been the result. As our time abroad progressed, we began sharing our love for travel and a glaring inconsistency became apparent — there were black professionals who traveled abroad, but their presence wasn’t visible. In addition to this void, we also found that there was little information available on what to do, where to go, and how to navigate these foreign lands from OUR perspective. By the end of our time in the D.R. we had forged a great friendship and were on to a great idea.

What if there was a space for young urban professionals who loved to travel? A space that allowed these young urban professionals to share their vast knowledge of international destinations as well as find useful info for the next place they’re itching to visit? Fast forward a few years and here you have it…We Go Too.

We hope you take a little time to yourself, peruse the site, and fantasize about your next adventure.

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