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#QueensInspire Us to Travel


A South African Travel Photographer, an American Fashion Buyer, a German Artist/Jewelry Designer & a Head Wrap Stylist from London met in tropical Chiang Mai, Thailand & created true synergy.

Overcoming all cultural/social differences, language barriers, & the female competitive nature Lindsie, Jazz, Elu, and Izzy decided to do something collectively to defy societal constructs.
They understood the potential of women coming together to empower each other instead of competing, so they created #QueensInspire to combine their brands in the name of art.
Together, these artistic, millennial female entrepreneurs hope to inspire other women to collaborate, no matter where they are from.

Every item photographed can be purchased on their personal sites!
Share & Support their movement if you too believe in women empowering each other through art!


  • Love, Lindsie

Lindsie created her brand 4 years ago back home in South Africa while studying photography. After graduating, she moved to Thailand on a new journey! She set out a goal to grow as a photographer by connecting with the amazing talents around her. Love, Lindsie is her “love letter” to any and everyone who looks at her work. Signing her pictures with “Love, Lindsie.”

Connecting with the girls (Jaz, Izzy, and Elu) encouraged so much growth for all of them. Sharing the power of dreams, goals, strengths and creativity allowed them to create something beautiful.

She hopes to create so much more together sharing the unity of aspiring females abroad. Lindsie hopes we can create something together that allows all women of color to see that there are no limits as to what we can do.




  • Mali Pah By Vagabond Jazz

Years after realizing homelessness wasn’t a normal part of everyone’s upbringing, Jazz decided to take her lack of physical attachment as a positive step into her future and became a full-time international traveler.

Using her University and American educational endeavors to fund her trips, she set out to inspire women all over the globe and show them that having “less” allows you to see more.

While on the road the past 5 years, Jazz has been plucking the wildest prints, fabrics, jewels, & pieces. She takes them back home to whichever country she currently resides in, & learns how to refine or customize them with local techniques.

Then, she sends them to you!

These pieces tell the stories of the people she encounters and shows her customers that beauty can be found in even the “poorest” locations.

Jazz’s goal is to share information about the communities she passes through & expose people in the West to the hidden treasures they might never see in the Far East.

Her Thai friends gave her the Thai name มะลิ ป่า “Mali Pah”, Wild Jasmine Flower and she began “Planting Cultural Seeds, Fashionably”.





#vagabondjazz #malipahtravels

  • Elu Aiyana Art

Finding strength in the dream of being autonomous and independent, Elu Aiyana found her healing in art. Inspired by her open-minded way of living she collects pieces, creating meaningful and unique jewelry to encourage women from all over the world to adorn their body and mind.

Elu Aiyana, which means “ eternal blossom  “ and “ remember the struggle “, is a nomadic artist, born in Germany with a Kurdish origin.

Being a female entrepreneur she questions the notion of femininity & gender traditions in the Middle East and draws attention to the universal conditions of women experiencing a conflicted life between modernity and tradition.

Working in a variety of media, including drawing, painting, photography & textiles, creating art allows her to set an example for feminine strength originated in a male dominated society.




#eluaiyanaart #eluaiyana

  • Izz Khaji Head Wraps

Kaji is Indonesian for Knowledge. Designer and buyer Izz from London in the UK  really wanted to use an Indonesian translation of a powerful word for my Headwraps brand, as the idea to begin this came to me whilst I was in Bali, Indonesia. She thinks it’s amazing that we all come from different parts of the world but being in our community in Chiang Mai has enabled us to join forces, encourage each other and work together.

Each time I’ve planned to leave Chiang Mai the signs that I should stay have appeared and I really feel that I am where I am supposed to be in order to really launch my brand, and being in the right place to work with these amazing fellow female entrepreneurs really reinforces this.




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