Foodie + Luxe on a Budget Travel Guide Bundle


What you’ll get in our Foodie + Luxe on a Budget Travel Guide Bundle for Cape Town, Paris, Singapore, and Oaxaca:

  • Dope Black-owned vineyards and wineries in Cape Town!
  • The BEST treats and foods you have to have while visiting Paris. We know it’s easy to go to a new country and feel overwhelmed about what you should try, so we’ve put together a list of foods that are must-tries while in Paris.
  • Dope places to eat in Oaxaca! From poppin’ brunches to unique restaurants with delicious menus that won’t break the bank, you’ll get our best recommendations on where to get your grub on in Oaxaca!
  • Lodging recommendations, Pro Tips + more!
  • $80 value for only $15!

We know how much time it can take to plan a worthwhile international trip. A lot of time. Well, We Go Too has stepped up to help. Our Cape Town, Paris, Singapore, and Oaxaca travel guides dish out some amazing recommendations of where and what to eat, see, and do while traveling through these dope cities.  If you or one of your travel crew has had any of these cities on your bucket list, get this discounted bundle now! $80 value for only $15!