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Top 10 Favorite Spots in Lagos


Original Post By Sincerely Princewill | Author: Deinte Dan-Princewill


I’m quite proud of my Lagos! We have a number of cute spots with unique vibes to match whatever mood you’re in. This list was a little hard for me to narrow down, so I chose to focus primarily on the places I frequent the most. They each get something right. I should also preface this by saying, I’m an architect and crazy design enthusiast. So yes, aesthetics was definitely a factor in creating this list – Most are IG worthy. Lol

Without further ado, here are my top 10 favorite places to go to in Lagos, in no particular order:

1 | Art Cafe | 282 Akin Olugbade St, Victoria Island. 0803 305 5901

This is the Coffee meets Suya spot.

WHEN TO GO: When you want to get work done. It’s also perfect for meetings because it’s relatively quiet with light classic jams in the background.

Also when you want to wait for the after work traffic to end, it’s a good “happy hour” option.

WHY: They have pretty fast, free wifi, which is quite rare in these streets. And the vibe just makes sense. You can sit inside or on the outside deck where it’s still breezy. Around 5pm it starts turning a little more turnt because they serve suya, wine, cocktails and hookah (or shisha as they call it here).

I almost always meet someone interesting when I sit outside. It’s lowkey crawling with Expats and IJGB’s.

They also have an art store on the ground floor, as well as an art gallery and event rental space at the back.

WHAT TO ORDER: Mayo chicken curry sandwich with a side of suya and a bitter lemon. Damage ~6K
Ps: I’m not a coffee drinker, but I’ve been told theirs are pretty good. They also have all kinds of tea based drinks.

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2 | NOK GARDEN AT ALARA | 12A Akin Olugbade St, Victoria Island. 0908 561 4815 | nokbyalara.com

Contemporary African luxury retail store meets fine dining restaurant and garden.

WHEN TO GO: When you’ve had a long day at work and want to destress in the company of Lagos’ sophisticats and hipsters.

Also when you have a friend visiting and want to show off your new Lagos.

WHY: The building was designed by one of my favorite architects, David Adjaye. It’s definitely a stunner, with its burnt orangey-red exterior and all its intricate details. The luxury concept store changes pretty often so there’s almost always something new to see. The restaurant offers African fine dining with unique blends and tastes.

The NOK garden, however, is my fave. They offer great cocktails and mini bites from the grill. You low key forget you’re in Naij for a bit. But with its African inspired design, you still sha feel at home.

WHAT TO ORDER: Goat meat sliders (or the BBQ beef ribs) + Spicy Cornbread + the Guavarita. Damage ~10K.

3 | DELIS | 1291 Akin Adesola St, Victoria Island. 0809 662 2288

Salad meets Smoothie spot.

WHEN TO GO: When you want to meet a friend or co-worker for a weekday lunch or meeting. Or to get work done. No wifi though :/

WHY: I really believe they have the best salads in Lagos. They also have some pretty snazzy sandwiches and smoothies.

Ooh and they have a supermarket downstairs that has almost everything from “the abroads.” So whether you’re craving Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream, Ranch dressing, or whatever else, they probably have it. It can be a little pricey, but sometimes the craving is that deep.

WHAT TO ORDER: The Avocado Salmon Salad is divine! (The salmon is rolled with cream cheese) Or the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich + Berry smoothie. Damage ~ 7k

Serious sidebar: I am on a quest to find Talenti Gelato in Lagos. I thought my best bet would be at Deli’s or La Pointe supermarket (which is another place that caters to “the abroads”). But so far, no luck. Help! I’m looking specifically for the Sea Salt Caramel flavor, but at this point any flavor at all will do. If you have any leads, please let me know. I will really love you forever. <3

4 | FORSHORE HARBOURS | Osbourne Estate Phase II, Ikoyi, Lagos

I’ll be honest, I almost did not include this on the list… just because I feel like it’s MY spot, you know? But sharing is caring, so here it is.

The relaxation literally by the water spot.

WHEN TO GO: When you’re tired of Lagos madness and just want to reflect by yourself, just focus or get work done.

Also when you want to meet up with a friend or two over wine and don’t want to worry whether people can hear your gist.

WHY: I love that it is suuuuper lowkey away from the chaos that can be Lagos. Be aware that on weekdays you might literally be the only guest there, but that’s kinda what makes it special.

WHAT TO ORDER: Fish + (Yam or potato) chips + Bitter lemon. It just makes sense, especially considering the location. Damage ~ 4K

If you come in a group, you can get one of their platters that includes yam chips + plantain + all kinds of small chops for ~4K. Not bad at all.

5 | THE GEORGE | 30 Lugard Ave, Ikoyi 01 466 3664 thegeorgelagos.com

The Ikoyi Hotel

WHEN TO GO: When you want an elegant dining experience in Ikoyi. Also whenever your office or parents are treating. Yup.

WHY: It has a relaxed, but sophisticated feel. They have an extensive wine list. They also know how to make Caipirinha’s. Many places in Lagos don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

WHAT TO ORDER: Croque madame + a glass of wine. Damage ~15K

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6 | TERRA KULTURE | 1376 Tiamiyu Savage St, Victoria Island. 01270 0588 terrakulture.com

WHEN TO GO: When you want to eat good Naij food, but don’t want to eat at home.

Also when you want to relax at a creative, authentic Nigerian space.

WHY: Because everything on the menu is actually really good, BUT their dodo is bae! I’m lowkey a plantain feign and Terra kulture just gets the plantains right! Perfect ripeness, texture, size, everything…

WHAT TO ORDER: Anything + Plantains + Chapman. Damage ~7K

7 | SCRATCH & SOCIAL | 26B Adetokunbo Ademola St, Victoria Island 0809 851 0066 | scratchandsocial.com

Super cute mani/pedi spot meets Bar.

WHEN TO GO: When you want some me time or a girls day out.

When you are so glad it’s Friday and remember their happy hour starts at 4pm. It’s perfect for both ladies and gents.

WHY: On Fridays especially, it’s always a great vibe. They have jams playing and sometimes you can even request songs. So even if you don’t want to get a mani/pedi, head on over there any Friday. Their mixologist, Tushar, is amazing!

WHAT TO ORDER: 1k cocktails + 2k asun that comes with fries. Absolutely delish. Damage ~4K

PS: My cousin, Michelle, and I got to name one of their signature drinks called the Jolly Rancher. It’s sooo good. Try it out if you’re feeling snazzy. You can thank me later.

8 | CRAFT GOURMET | 14 Idowu Martins St, Victoria Island. 0703 265 2069

WHEN TO GO: When you want a cute brunch / lunch spot with chill vibes.

WHY: I love the design! Like I mentioned earlier, I’m really a vibes person, so the atmosphere and details matter to me… a lot. It’s gray and white palette, textures of marble and wood, and strategically placed plants simply all appeal to my aesthetic. It’s really the perfect Sunday Brunch spot.

WHAT TO ORDER: Naughty Chapman + Chicken & Waffles.
This is actually one of my fave things to order in general, wherever it’s available. Lol it’s the perfect combo of savory and sweet. And at Craft, they do it right. Ask for salsa or peppers for an added kick. Damage ~6K

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9 | RSVP | 9 Eletu Ogabi St, Victoria Island 0818 616 6666

WHEN TO GO: When you want a trendy spot to meet up with friends.

WHY: All the cool kids are doing it.

Ok just kidding. I mean they are, but with good reason. It’s really not just about the food though, but about the total experience – i.e the vibe, the crowd, the music and the drinks.

WHAT TO ORDER: Chicken pops + The Pornstar (RSVP’s signature drink) Damage ~10K

10 | CRUST & CREAM | 11 Musa Yardua St, Victoria Island. 01 295 8105

Now, this is just the ultimate go-to spot.

WHEN TO GO: When you’re hungry and don’t feel like thinking of a new spot? Crust and Cream. When you’re in a big group and want to please everyone? Crust and Cream.

WHY: Very diverse menu at pretty decent prices. It’s also family friendly.

They also have a bakery right at the entrance, although hmm.. I’ve never actually tried anything there so… Lol

The regular menu, however, is pretty extensive and I always try to order something different every time.

WHAT TO ORDER: Chicken Quesadilla + Strawberry Mojito. The quesadillas are quite large and filling. Damage ~5K

Or I’d go for the waffles and ice cream if you’re not really hungry, but still want to grub. Damage ~3K

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